About Municipality


Country & Area Phone Code:
++ 387 33,

PHONES: 562-300
FAXES: 562-400
Municipal Mayor R: 562-310
Chairman of Municipal Council: 562-311

HOT LINE: + 387 33 216-006
SMS SERVICE: + 387 91 112 603

E-MAIL: nacelnik@centar.ba
WEB SITE: www.centar.ba


Municipality Centar covers the area of 3,313 hectares. Housing covers about 16.7% of the total area. According to the official data today there are 25,700 households with approximately 70,000 inhabitants. It is one of 4 municipalities of City of Sarajevo (total population of aproximately 210,000) and one of 9 municipalities of Canton Sarajevo (total population of approximately 420,000)

Municipality celebrates May 2nd as a Day of Municipality Centar, in honor of its heroes and commemoration of the day in 1992 when many of them died defending their neighborhood against tremendous aggression and destruction. During aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina during 1992-1995, Municipality Centar together with other three municipalities of City of Sarajevo – Star Grad, Novo Sarajevo and Novi Grad was under siege for 1425 days. Although Centar had suffered huge destruction of both human and material potential, thanks to the commitment of its citizens and support from diverse sources, both national and international, and through devoted work of its local administration, it reached today's state.
In last few years, Municipality Centar has been rated as the most developed municipality in Canton Sarajevo as being confirmed by various indicators of development – comparatively low unemployment rate, over 25 % of workforce of Canton, 20% of overall foreign trade in Canton, over 55% of tourism related income, etc. According to GDP/pc, as well as employment rate in 1996. Municipality Centar development is more than twofold above the Cantonal average.
There is also a significant number of diverse commercial institutions, foreign organizations and representatives, governmental, health services, educational, cultural and recreational institutions situated and active in Municipality Centar.
Most of main annual cultiral events of the city, are happening in the Centar – Sarajevo Film Festival, Jazz Festival, Theatar Festival MESS, and Sarajevo Winter.
Continuous development of Municipality is focused on its citizens, their well-being and realizing their potentials, establishment and maintenance of environmental balance and commitment to modernization of its service and institutions. Since 2003 Municipality has been certified for implementation of ISO 9001:2000 and will be implementing Environmental System ISO 14001:2004 as of September 2007.
As a result of its commitment to continuous improvement of its services and satisfaction of its citizens, Centar received 22 international awards for high quality of its services to the local community.